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Physiotherapy Services

If a patient is treated from a health problem, the first step would be bringing them from the status of being sick to a status of quality recovery.

Bringing the patient from a status of recovery to a status of being healthy is the job of rehabilitation services. For example, when a patient receives surgery on their knee, they will not be able to proceed with their life normally-like going back to work or even walking-right away. Patients will be fit to go home in the recovery phase. Usually, the patient goes home with a sick leave for a certain period of time. Medical rehabilitation helps the patient during the period of transition from the status of recovery to the status of full health.

This means, Medical rehabilitation can shorten the period after which the patient can return to their normal life. Thus, reducing sick leave. Medical rehabilitation also helps to improve the rate of full cure and patient satisfaction; it also reduces the rate of complications. Very often, patients with chronic conditions-such as arthritis-need medications and sometimes surgical interventions as well as rehabilitation. Usually, the patient also needs rehabilitation to preserve or restore function of their joints.