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Virtual Clinic

Venta Home Healthcare offers Telemedicine services in cooperation with many partners, including consultations over the phone or other video communications; giving you access to the best doctors in the country, in all medical specialties, at your service.

Telemedicine, such as medical consultations over the phone or video, is considered to be a revolution in healthcare; and is here to stay. This means you can get medical consultations from a specialist or a consultant without the need of moving from your home or visiting any hospital.

  • You can discuss the symptoms you are suffering from with a specialist
  • You can ask any questions about your condition
  • The specialist doctor can order X Rays, laboratory tests or other investigations if necessary
  • The Venta team can come to your residence and conduct tests there if possible, or help you in going to the hospital if this cannot be done at home.
  • The medical specialist can order medications via an ePrescription which you can get from any pharmacy or ask the pharmacy to deliver them to you at home
  • If needed, the medical specialist can refer you to a hospital

The phone clinic services include many services offered by specialists and consultants from various specialties, mainly

Internal medicine




General surgery

Gynecology and obstetrics



Ear, nose, and throat

To have phone clinic services or other Telemedicine services from Venta, please contact our coordinator at 055-5445-309 and ask for a medical telemedicine consultation. The coordinator will arrange an appointment for you. You can also ask for consultation via video.