Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy:

We consider our patient and their family as our first partner and involve them as active participants in our care plan. Our model of care is to set the patient at the center of any process. Venta is interested to include patients and their loved ones in their healthcare process. Our goal is to inspire our partners to have healthy lifestyle.

The philosophy of partnership includes:

  • Developing a comprehensive care plan that focuses on patients’ needs and preference
  • Offering an easy access to us and help patients and their family choosing the right service
  • As partners with you, we take care of you with the highest quality, safety, and privacy
  • Reaching out patients’ providers and collaborate with them for the best interest of the patient

Venta engages patients at multiple levels:

  • Patient portal which facilitates smooth communication
  • Shared decision making with patient and families considering their preference
  • Continued care model as our patient fully recovers and is back to normal life

With every service we deliver, we will set desired outcomes and orient ourselves to realistic goals. We will focus on achieving these outcomes and goals. We care for quality in serving you.

  • Patients and families are offered full participation in their care and encouraged to partner with Venta, in fulfilling their expectations
  • Venta` professional team has reliable tools and skills for informed shared decision making with patients and families tailored to clinical needs, patient goals, and social circumstances
  • We monitor and assess patient perspectives and we listen to their opinion to improve care processes. We established patient portals to facilitate data sharing and communication among clinicians, patients, and families
  • We develop technology and healthcare tools to assist patients in managing their health records, in addition to providing patient support in new forms of communications

Caring, Private and Respectful Relationship:

We are providing patient and family centered care, and showing best care practice with respect, equality, privacy and fairness with maintaining dignity and being compassionate. There is nothing to be afraid of because at Venta we believe that care is more than a job, it’s a way of life.