The Simple Process

At Venta Home healthcare, we have created a simple and efficient process to customize your Care Plan that fits your unique needs and we call it “Simple Process”.

  • Our expert staff helps you find the right care solution according to your needs.
  • We go through extensive details and careful analysis to come to an expert decision based on our professional healthcare provider recommendation.

Elements of the Simple Process:

1. On your initial contact

Upon your initial contact with us you will be assigned to a case manager, who will be your main point of contact throughout the care plan. We will collect some information about your health, how you are managing at home, any support you are currently receiving etc. and answer any questions you might have. Your answers will help us understand your needs. At this point, if you and your family are ready to take the next step, we can coordinate a face-to-face assessment. If you are not, we will remain to be a source for additional information you can return to at any time. If you have immediate needs, we may refer you directly to services before your assessment takes place.

2. Home assessment

Upon your agreement, our team will visit your home or facility to learn as much as possible about the potential patient, homecare issues, and the services of a healthcare professional you seek. The assessment includes:

  • Completion of Personal Data
  • Medical and Medication Profile
  • Physical Therapy Assessment
  • Nursing Initial Assessment
  • Results of Medical Tests
  • Home Safety Inspection
  • Nutrition Analysis

This assessment will help you understand more about your needs and how we are able to help you.

3. Customized care plan

After a careful evaluation and discussion with the patient or family or patient’s physician, Venta professional team will create a customized care plan to be implemented by the home healthcare team, directly overseen by our home healthcare case manager. The care plan is created in coordination with the potential patients and family’s recommendations. Venta will then coordinate with patients` physicians to sign a Medical Order as needed.

4. Ongoing care supervision and co-ordination

The Venta expert healthcare provider is overseen by dedicated case manager and our team of supervisors. The case manager is responsible for the day-to-day scheduling and care issues and serve as your dedicated point of contact for any care or issues. The healthcare provider will also fill out an activity sheet for each visit. Our coordination executive from VENTA Home Healthcare will visit you to get a satisfaction survey about the services being provided and make sure the care plan is being followed properly.