We Care Differently

Our model of care is inspired by:

  • Accessibility to all information through the patient portal: The patient can view all his medical record at any time by logging into his account in the patient portal.
  • Collaboration with patients’ doctors to facilitate the provision of services to our patients: We communicate with their providers to find out and record all their medical data and so the patient finds us ready to provide them services according to their information.
  • High quality, assured outcome: We promise to provide a high-quality service with a measurable and realistic goals that serve your needs that goes beyond your satisfaction.
  • Personalized Care Model: We provide you and your family with a personalized and professional care to ensure that you are served and taking care with a high standard of quality and professionality.
  • Passion to care: Our professional multidisciplinary team will serve you and your family not only with the highest standard of care, but also with understanding, love and passion.
  • Dignity: Our job won’t reach the ultimate quality without humanity, and for that we serve every one of our patients with full of respect and dignity. 

We provide a variety and unique concepts of service such as:

Personal Care Assistance program (PCA)

We designed a unique program for the first time ever in Saudi Arabia aiming to train and teach the caregiver how to provide a professional care and being close to their loved ones.

Health Coach Service

Unlike other organization, we provide not only the traditional medical care, but also health couch services to maintain patients and family’s healthy lifestyle.